XCMG's Rough-terrain crane export rose by 167% in 1st half year 2019

Days ago at a XCMG factory of cranes for special purpose, the all-new XCR70-S rough-terrain cranes stood in rows, ready to be shipped to Russia to help build the Belt & Road projects there.
As the new-generation rough-terrain crane with exceptional adaptation, XCR70-S is a highly-adaptable model launched by XCMG based on its world-leading G technology platform. With high performance, reliability, adaptation, low cost, intelligent and ergonomics, the model is the legitimate mainstream model designed for the high-end market.

As one of the best platforms for the Chinese brands to go global ,the Belt & Road Initiative is capturing great attention. XCMG Crane, which provides products and solutions for the global market, is making presence in global layout of value chain. In particular, it has launched many models for the overseas market this year, a demo for the Chinese construction machinery to be exported.

The XCR70-S specially developed for the Central Asia region. It has ten engineering proprietary, whose long and middle arm performance is improved by 15-27%. It can withstand the extreme environment in minus 30 degrees centigrade. Meeting demands of EAC certification, the model also boasts such functions as virtual wall, emergency placing down, high-voltage alarm and low-temperature alarm, etc.

G-generation rough-terrain crane has leading performance, high quality and strong adaptation. Since it was launched, the model has been favored by users in Central Asia and the Middle East.Till today, the product has been exported to SE Asia, Western Asia, Africa and Europe. In 1st half of this year, XCMG Crane recorded 167% YtoY growth rate in the sales of rough-terrain cranes.

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