XCMG's rotary drilling rig XR240E debuted at Bauma Munich

XCMG’s legion of state-of-the-art equipment paraded at the April 8 Bauma Munich, demonstrating the charms of the Made-in-China major equipment, especially XR240E rotary drilling rig, to the world.

As a variant of XCMG’s new generation E-series middle-tonnage piling foundation machinery products, XR240E rotary drilling rig is widely used for hole forming operation for concrete cast-in-place pile foundations in highroads, railways, bridges and large stadiums, and can drill various sizes of holes (up to 70 meters in depth and up to 2.0 meters in diameter). Drawing on the well-proven application experience of traditional rotary drilling rigs, E-serial model is the product of overall improvement (especially the power system, transmission system and structure), fine design and manufacturing. Besides the superior technologies of D-serial rotary drilling rigs, such as single-rope and special chassis, it has an improved system configuration and employs various advanced technologies, including the innovative modular multifunctional design and a double–swing boom luffing mechanism, enhancing the operation efficiency by 20% and the stability by 15%. With an intelligent engineering design, it can perform various automatic operations, including throwing soil by the one-touch operation and automatic rotary positioning. It can be designed using the same design platform as for Euro-III and IV emission standard engines, as a result, having higher market applicability.

XCMG’s XR240E set the operation record of drilling 4-4.5 holes a day in Guangdong, higher than the industry average of 3-4 holes a day. Its higher operation efficiency, outstanding structural stability, comfortable operation environment and bright appearance attracted a large crowd of local visitors.

In 1998, XCMG rolled out the first-ever rotary drilling rig in China. Through constant improvement over the past 20 years or so, XCMG has master various core technologies, including independently-developed special chassis, single-rope main winch and multi-gear power head, and has more than 200 licensed patents. Nowadays, XCMG rotary drilling rigs are exported into more than 70 countries and regions in Europe, America, Africa and Southeast Asia,and widely deployed for piling foundation, subway construction and other projects, winning high reputation among customers for higher efficiency and product quality. Being committed to its pursuit of technological sophistication and world-class quality, XCMG has over the years made constant improvements on its products, striving to create superior quality products to its global customers.

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