XCMG's 4000 ton Crawler Crane completes its first lifting in Saudi Arabia

Following excellent performances in major petrochemical bases in China and the repeated breaking of lifting records, XCMG's 4000-ton crawler crane, at its very first operation abroad, successfully lifted a nearly 2000-ton washing tower in Jubail Industrial Zone in Dammam, Saudi Arabia on October 24, local time. 

Scorching hot up to nearly 40 degrees Celsius, the site was located in the desert region of Jubail. At 10 am, representatives of Sinopec and the Saudi Arabian project, XCMG, Chinese enterprise representatives and local construction machinery industry insiders witnessed this historic moment.
The equipment lifted this time is the key and the heaviest washing tower of the project. The tower is 101.1 meters high, 8.6 meters in diameter and weighs 1,926 tons. XCMG XGC88000 is used as the main crane with main boom of 102 meters and the auxiliary boom of 27 meters and a 1250-ton crane for tail lifting.

With the order issued, XCMG XGC88000, the world's largest crawler crane, started slowly. The harsh environment of high temperature and sandstorm in Saudi Arabia did not affect its performance at all. The whole lifting process included rising, angle changing and turning and lasted more than 5 hours. The washing tower was steadily installed to the designated position. At the moment when the equipment was in place, all the guests stood up with long applause, marveling at the excellent performance of this XCMG hoisting machinery.

With three internationally new technologies, six internationally leading technologies as well as over 80 national patents, XCMG XGC88000 has a lifting torque of 88000 ton·m, the largest lifting capacity in the world. Since its launch in 2013, it has traveled over 30 thousand kilometers and participated in 11 large projects in 8 provinces across China. It has successfully lifted more than 150 units of equipment with a total lifting weight of more than 120 thousand tons.

In recent years, XCMG firmly adheres to the internationalization strategy. XCMG brand and reputation in the world has been significantly improved. The first successful lifting in Saudi Arabia broke the record of the largest tonnage mobile crane outbound. It marks that XCMG hoisting equipment is a leader in the world.

It is understood that after this lifting operation, XCMG XGC88000 crawler crane will continue to lift two 1312-ton reactors for the same project before participating in related projects of Saudi National Natural Gas Company and an oil refinery project in Oman.

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