XCMG Tower cranes exported to Caribbean region in winter

On January 16, 2019, XCMG held the short but most exciting ceremony of shipping tower cranes exported to Caribbean Region in Xuzhou manufacturing base. The vehicles were ready for shipping at the ceremony.
Trucks loaded with tower cranes drove slowly out of the manufacturing base, ready for shipping to Caribbean Region. Adhering to the international development, XCMG Tower Cranes made another robust step towards the world-class company.

Focus on safety and walk towards international development
Targeting at developing the safest tower cranes and construction lifts, XCMG Tower Cranes uses the leading structure hierarchy safety design technologies. Its products have passed the overload reinforcement tests 1.5-2 times more than the national standard load. Besides, it is the first to develop the dual safety system control technology, so as to ensure the leading safety performance. By implementing the Three High and One Big product strategy, it facilitates the international development process.

Craftsmanship helps build the high-end brand
Based on its core strategy of Quality Priority, XCMG Tower Cranes is showing the unprecedented determination to develop and manufacture construction crane products featured by “leading technology & everlasting products”. Focusing on the client value experience, it builds the excellent quality management system, and develops the zero-defect excellent quality culture. It develops precise product details and uses craftsmanship to manufacture the useful, reliable durable and practical products.

Cutting-edge technologies lead the trend in the industry
Over the past six decades and more, XCMG keeps driven by innovations. In the fierce market competition, XCMG Tower Cranes has taken the path of brand development featuring differentiation, intelligence and high-end development. In November 2018, XCMG launched S-series tower cranes represented by XGT7022, XGT7527 and XGT7532, etc., which are highly safe and intelligent with strong performance and premium quality, making them better adaptable to prefabricated construction. It gains great market recognition, bringing the all-new value experience to the clients.
Staying true to the original mission, XCMG Tower Cranes is climbing to the peak in the new era.

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