The sole "Intelligent Swivel Table" in the global crane manufacturing industry

Engineering machinery industry in China is expert in making “world miracles”, in particular in the niche field of cranes. Talking about products, the world’s largest-tonnage all-terrain crane is the XCMG brand, whose record has been broken for times by XCMG. Even more, XCMG also has produced the world’s largest crawler crane. 

As far as scale is concerned, many years ago, the Chinese company XCMG became the crane manufacturer with the largest aggregate sales volume.  

And an all-new record has been made in the intelligent manufacturing. Chinese companies have become the absolute barometer of the crane industry in the world. In the field of intelligent manufacturing of structural parts,  where even giant crane manufacturers in Europe and US are slow to make progress, XCMG has launched the world’s first and sole intelligent production line of swivel table.  

This breakthrough made by XCMG represents that China’s crane industry is taking the role of innovation makers and driving force out of the hands of global crane industry. This breakthrough also reveals the persistence and ambition for the industry of China’s crane manufacturers represented by XCMG.
Till today, crane industry in Europe and US is still the technology highland. However, over the past five decades, China’s market has made explosive growth and rise, making China a fertile land for crane products and technical innovations. XCMG Crane Machinery, which is dedicated to user demands and market orientation, had made the greatest “innovation acceleration” in the history of global crane industry, thanks to its spontaneous efforts and anti-driving forces of the market.

The birth of intelligent swivel table is a best case. What is the intelligent swivel table? It is a “production line” that is compatible with 18 processes and that is able to produce more than 20 products. With such a production line, the efficiency in XCMG’s crane structure workshop can improve by 150%, meaning it is able to produce 50 swivel tables, instead of the 20 tables in the past, without making fundamental changes to the production system.
In the 18 processes, one worker can control 10 machines with robotic intelligent welding level exceeding 75%, the production efficiency rising by 150% and intelligent logistics process coverage exceeding 60%. 

The quantity and proportion of robots only represent the external features of intelligent swivel table. More importantly, the high quality and reliability of products produced on the production line make the intelligent swivel table more intelligent.
When the load is 10 tons (to ensure the operation efficiency, it should stop accurately within 1mm in the state of high-speed and large inertia when it carries 10-ton load), the production line is still able to transport each spare part to the position with error within 1mm. It makes the welding robot more efficient. With such precise operations, the products produced on the intelligent swivel table can have the quality reaching Sigma 4 standard. With this standard widely used in the processing of electronic parts, only four structural parts would have defects out of each 10 million structural parts on the production line. 

The nearly-perfect quality control and doubled production make sure the premium cranes reach the end users through the market channels of XCMG. For XCMG, such upgrading, without doubt, opens the new value space for the company. In this way, the high-end breakthrough, high tech and high added value become realities. As a result, made-in-China cranes are able to get out of the traditional price competition and into the value competition, thus competing against global giants in the value quantity. For end users, the products with perfect manufacturing and world-class quality will greatly facilitate user values. 

The birth and application of XCMG Crane intelligent swivel table have another meaning. Namely, it is building a “leading barrier” full of historical and era sense for the machinery manufacturing industry and crane industry in China. 

“As the leader and industrial player, technology is the core power of our development. We are generous to make investments of money, time and resources in R&D”, XCMG Chairman Wang Min keeps expressing such ideas on different occasions. And XCMG Crane Machinery is practicing it with actions. 

The intelligent swivel table production line took seven years to plan, verify and test, receiving numerous investments.

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