Just 5 days! China replayed its efficient feat in setting up XCMG-branded tower cranes!

On a construction site of the CBD project in Egypt's new capital, the first Chinese heavy-duty tower crane, XGT7020-10, was rising up in a blink of an eye over an expanse of sand dunes. From foundation setting to final commissioning, the whole installation process was completed within just 5 days. China replayed its efficient feat on January 19, 2019, one year later, in Cairo, the Egyptian capital, kicking off a spectacular construction spree in the Central Business District.

The CBD Project in the New Capital of Egypt, a key part of the expansive BRI program, promises to usher in a new era for the country, and will reposition its capital city well to compete against modern metropolises around the world. Besides being home to a world-class upscale CBD in its true sense and the tallest mansion towering over the whole Africa, the project will greatly contribute to development of the Suez Canal Economic Corridor and the Red Sea Economic Zone, providing a strong boost to accomplishing its national revitalization plan. On the strength of the outstanding performance of its XGT7020-10 tower cranes, XCMG was awarded in Nov. 2018, hands down, the contract for the main body section of the landmark complex in the CBD project, the largest-ever project deal in Egypt for a Chinese entity.

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