It is all about Customers

Customers need reliable, efficient and versatile products, as well as real-time and productive services, as it will be significant for them to do more with less so as to remain competitive in the increasingly diverse and open market. From the process of pre-sales, sales to after-sales, since its inception, XCMG has been committed to serving our customers with integrated and comprehensive services.

Pre-sales Services

  1. 400 customer service centres: We believe what it takes to deliver a superior customer experience is communication. In order to effectively communicate with our customers, the service centres are divided into communication centres, customer satisfaction centres, consumer behaviour analysis centres and product marketing centres. One-stop professional services such as network service referral, product consultation, technical support and complaint settlement will be provided to keep customers’ machines and business up and running.
  2. Comprehensive, customized construction solutions: We understand that the needs of customers’ business vary. Leveraging our resources and accumulated construction experience, we are committed to providing solutions that are tailored to clients’ needs. The solutions enabled by us, which integrates ample site and machine information, give customers a holistic view of their site and job condition and unlock the new levels of productivity and efficiency.
  3. Operator training: High-quality products admittedly are crucial to power productivity and so as operators who know how to get the most out of every construction equipment. In order to boost the bottom line of operations, at XCMG, we empowered our operators with all the necessary skills needed to maximize the production levels and improve the safety of the job sites.

Sales Services

  1. Products and services consultation: We put buyers’ needs high on our priority list and focus on building and maintaining relationships with prospects and customers. Our sales representatives are capable of identifying solutions to customers’ challenges through active listening and act as strategic advisors to help solve the business problems for potential customers.
  2. One-stop financing service: Heavy equipment is fundamental to success in the construction business; nonetheless, the cost of purchasing ones can sometimes be brutal to bear. Having experience working with reputable financial institutions, XCMG provides the best construction equipment finance packages tailored to clients’ needs. 

After-Sales Services

  1. Uptime services: With 5,000 construction experts around the globe, XCMG keeps customers’ machinery up with 24/7 after-sales services. By using intelligent technology to monitor machinery, diagnosing problems and taking corrective measures proactively, our service technicians keep your business staying on track with a wide range of maintenance and repair solutions.
  2. Spare-part delivery: With thousands of spare part centres across five continents and nearly CNY 1 billion worth of spare part inventory, we offer a broad spectrum of components for use in machinery and we promise the delivery will be made within 72 hours.
  3. E-butler service: We offer professional service with a tap on the mobile application which helps customers take care of their construction business. Utilizing IoT (Internet of things) and mobile technology, the hoisting machinery business division has developed an app, which is an online business management platform for customers to acquire real-time information about their machinery and communicate with our experts.

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